How to apply for Franchise : 816
  • A center / institute director can apply for online franchise via given registration form.
  • All the given fields are mendatory for center registration and every information should be correct regarding center director.
  • Center / Institute director would be responsible for any incorrect or invalid data.
  • Once, you succesfully applied for the franchise, then we`ll contact you as early as possible.
  • If, you will agree to our terms and conditions including our policy, then you have to agree with our required prcedure.
  • After your agreement, our system registered you center and automatically generates login crediantials for your center. And, those login crediantials will be send to your registered email id.
  • To maintain your private information is our responsiblity.
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Facilities provided to center after registration :
  • After successfully registration of center with GSDS we`ll provide a login panel to each registered center, where they can do their own work frequently.
  • Our automated intelligence system manage center record as well as diffrent-different services, like registration, examination etc.
  • Our system main admin manage all of the data traversing over the system.
  • In case, of any vulnerablity or incovenienve center director can directly contact to our system administrator to resolve the problem as needed.
  • Center director would be responsible for any wrong data embedding or any wrong information providing.
  • In case of any center, if center admin catches that any unnecessary or non-reliable activity is doing over the system then, admin will cancel or block the center registration completely, and for that center director would be completely responsible for those all procedure.
  • Head Office handles and manage all the data regarding to the center and traversing over the system. But, HO will never be responsible is any data is sent by or fulfilled by the center.
  • GSDS provide these facilities to the center after their login : Student Registration, Student Record management, Faculty Record management, Student Examination management, Student Admin Card and certificate management, Fees Management, Center / Institute statistics management and also, lots of facilities will be provided by this automated system.