Certificate in Cloud Computing

Certificate in Cloud Computing

  • Duration :3 Month
  • Course Fee : 7500+GST/-

Program Features


  • As more and more of the world’s data gets stored in the cloud, the demand for well-trained cloud Computing professionals continues to increase rapidly. Become a cloud professional with the ability to work on platform-agnostic and cloud-based Solutions for organizations. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate from Glister Eduversity..


  • Essential characteristics and benefits of Cloud Computing. • Understand the concepts, characteristics, delivery models and benefits of cloud computing • Understand the key security and compliance challenges of cloud computing • Understand the key technical and organisational challenges • Understand the different characteristics of public, private and hybrid cloud deployment models. • Concepts in cloud security, encryption and monitoring • Career options, cloud related professions, and their required skills.

Program Structure


Basic Knowledge of programming Languages.


Cloud Support Engineer, Full-stack cloud Developer, Cloud Computing Engineer, Cloud Architect, Information Technology Architect, Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Data Engineers, etc.

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