Our Introduction

Today us the era of working parents and due to workload issues, they do not get enough time to support their children`s education. Therefore, they are heavily blaimed by everyone, in the current dialogue and debate about improving the education system, there is nothing left to ask about the disadvantages of improper parenting. It is time to start parenting in the education system. WIth the Glister Eduversity. We present you the solution to all such problems switching towards telephonic parenting, proper guidance and development graph.

Why Us ?

This is the first Indian institution to provide education care with parenting. Glister Education offers telephonic parenting with a right strategic plans for the student, online test series, seminar, scholarship programs, in really attractive packages. They also guide their appoinments as well as their strategies. So, lets don`t wait, and acheive nothing less than success with Glister Eduversity Parenting cum Education Care.

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